Ohio State Fair 2019- The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth Festival

Ohio State Fair 2019- The Ohio State Fair happens to be one of the great State fairs held annually in the United States. This great event takes place in Columbus in the months on late July to early August. The Ohio State Fair 2019 dates have been announced which is going to be held on July 24 2019 to August 4 2019.

So, get ready for the upcoming Ohio State fair to be held in Columbus where you can enjoy so many activities at the same time. The fair happens to be great that attracts so many ways to chill along with involving in a plethora of activities.

They can be a variety of sports competitions, various interactive and mind boggling educational activities, free stages, exclusive kids entertainment, fine arts show, exclusive helicopter rides, fascinating horse shows, wildlife entertainment, most exclusive free kiddie fishing and much more.

Once you decide to move on for the Ohio state fair, you get some of the most exclusive along with as many as 100 exhilarating rides that are going to excite you.

Not only that, you can also enjoy along with your kids to kiddie-land where you get some of the most extensive and amazing rides. Along with that, you also have a great option to enjoy your most favourite fair goodies from as many as 400 food vendors.

Well, we think that all this is going to excite you once you plan to come in for the fair. Each year, hundreds of citizens enjoy the Ohio State fair by taking part in different cultural activities at the same time. In fact, you won't get so much of excitement and passion all together at the same time.

Ohio State Fair

Now, let’s take a quick look about Ohio state fair quite precisely as you will know more about the fair as soon as you get more information about it.

As we stated earlier, the Ohio State Fair is one of the biggest fairs held in the United States. In the year 2011, an independent economic impact study was conducted by none other than Saperstein & Associates. 

After the study was completed, it was revealed that the entire Ohio state fair tends to contribute over 68 million dollars to the entire state's economy. Well, if you take a look at the overall attendance in the year 2015 itself, it was 982, 300. This was the highest attendance of the Ohio State Fair on record.

The fair lasts as many as 17 days for the first time when it was held in the year on 1981 to 2003. As you might be aware of, the state fair basically celebrated the entire state's products along with its people and all their accomplishments.

As we stated above, the state's huge program offers some of the exciting games and entertainment that you won’t get anywhere else.

It basically includes various sports competition, a plethora of different kinds of exhibitions, free horse show rides and famous food stalls that you can enjoy along with your entire family and kids. Most commonly, the entire line up for the concert is generally announced either in the months of February or March.

Ohio State Fair History

Now, let's go into the flashback to let you know about the history of Ohio State Fair which is one of the most popular state fair held annually between the months of late July to early August. And this is the reason why we would like to update you with some of the vital information about the fair that you should know about.

The origin of Ohio State fair happened as early as in the year 1846 after the successful collaboration of 53 members Ohio State Board. The main concern of this board was to organize the district fair. Slowly and steadily, various things started happening in the favor and at last leading to the foolproof planning of the state fair.

Do you know that the first Ohio State fair was not only planned but was held in the year 1849. But very soon, the authorities cancelled the fair due to a severe outbreak of Cholera. Well, the entire thing forced them to cancel the huge fair.

But then, they chose autumn dates mainly to minimize the risk of Cholera. Even after taking care of the mega event minutely, Darius Lapham, who was the senior superintendent and one of the organizers, lost his life due to the outbreak of the disease just before a few weeks of the opening ceremony of the Ohio State fair.

Finally, it was announced that Camp Washington, Cincinnati was going to be the location of the first Ohio State Fair that was held on October 2 to 4.

There was no doubt that the location or site happened to be almost 10 acre site loaded with shade trees, numerous tents as well as most fascinating grassy slopes. Not only were those cattle almost tethered to the railing alongside the carriage road.

Now, talking on another front, the public was basically admitted only on the 2nd and 3rd day of the fair that was held for the first time. They streamlined most of the things for the first time. For example, the first day was entirely devoted to both judging and setting up the entire event.

Admission fee was just 20 cents but those who are exhibitors; they could purchase a dollar badge for admitting their families. In the same ways, a visitor could also purchase a dollar 1 badge for two ladies and one gentleman only. The event witnessed the attendance of 25,000 for the fair that lasted 2 days.

As the transportation seemed to be a difficult task to manage, most guests liked to arrange closed proximity and decided to attend the fair from there.

Ohio State Fair Accident

Now, take a look at the famous Ohio State Fair accident that was held in the year 2017.
Now, let's take a look on this how it all happened. The Ohio State Fair accident happened on July 26, 2017 that happened to be the opening day of the 2017 Ohio State Fair.

Below is the clip of the Ohio State Fair tragedy that you may go through to know how it all happened. Even today, the tragedy looks quite disastrous and painful.

The tragedy mainly happened after the Fire Ball of the so called swinging ride suddenly broke apart mid-swing. It was a disastrous accident that killed many individuals due to an impact.

Ohio State Fair Ride Accident

One rider, who was just 18 years of age named Tyler Jarrell was flung up to 50 feet and instantly killed due to an impact. Along with that, as many as 7 other riders were injured due to the severe impact. 

But the amazing part in this entire episode was that the ride was earlier inspected and was even cleared for the operation to be carried out.

Later, the decision was carried out where it was announced that there will not be any operation for such rides on July 27 until everything is cleared. John Kasich, who was the Governor of the state called it as the worst tragedy that happened in the Ohio State Fair history.

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