5 Most Lucrative Places to Celebrate Christmas in California

Why you can't skip these places to spend your holidays this Christmas

Christmas in California- How often you feel like going for vacations with your kids? Well, there is hardly any time you are able to spare to celebrate with your loved ones except to wait for the Christmas. 

Christmas in California

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas by going for vacations, then there is nothing better than this. This post is to celebrate Christmas in California with your family members. But what about sharing all those crucial merry Christmas images 2018

Well, you can first try sharing your merry Christmas wishes to your loved ones before going out for vacations in California.

If you are living in California, then this is something quite meaningful to you as it helps you find the most attractive places to visit during your holidays.

christmas in California

Sharing all those merry Christmas images, Christmas Wallpaper, merry Christmas Gif or arranging some outdoor lighted Christmas decorations are crucial in their own ways. 

This is because you can't skip wishing your near and dear ones on the occasion of Xmas. As we have explained in our previous posts, you can try different ways to share merry Christmas wishes on the occasion of holy festival.

Like you can use astonishing Jesus images and use them to create your own Christmas coloring pictures. In the same ways, you can share some other things to let others know that you care for them.

Christmas in California

In fact, there are so many ways to plan and enjoy a plenty of merry Christmas decoration ideas. As we disclosed earlier, there are hundreds of ways to plan and enjoy your vacations during Christmas. 

Some of you do not want to go out and prefer staying back in their homes and share hundreds of attractive merry Christmas pictures to their loved ones. Others simply want to enjoy the making of best Christmas crafts for kids.

Christmas vacations in California

There are some people who plan to enjoy their vacations by moving out. There are so many attractive places in the US where you can have real fun at the time of Christmas. You can take the pleasure of having fabulous Christmas vacations in California.

Christmas in California

For example, if you are a resident of California and have planned for an outing in California, you need to get some idea where to spend your time.

In this post, we are going to share a plethora of astonishing places to celebrate Christmas in California. 

This is the time of the year and everybody wants to enjoy to his/her best. And by visiting any such place in California, especially in the Xmas season, it looks more refreshing than anything else.

Please find below some highly magical places to celebrate Christmas in California.

Newport Beach

The Newport Beach is one of the finest places to celebrate Christmas in California. There are so many places to enjoy and relax your mind that looks so magical. Once you plan out to be here, you would never want to leave back your home.

Christmas vacations in California

For example, you can enjoy Newport boat parade which looks quite different than the normal. Hundreds of people plan to visit this place after they design their yacht. This way, they are ensured to enjoy their 4 day parade bonanza.

This is the time when everybody wants to enjoy and does not want to look back for the cost. After all, this is the best way to celebrate Christmas in California at the famous Newport Beach.

LA Zoo Lights

You can really celebrate Christmas in California by visiting LA Zoo lights. It makes your trip quite fascinating as your normal day Zoo gets turned into a beautiful set of lights.

Christmas vacations in California

At this time, all walkways are specifically lighted up in their most attractive ways. Along with that, you can also have the presence of nonstop music and waterfalls. 

We assure you that you will be delighted after you visit this place to celebrate Christmas in California.

The Mission Inn

Have you ever thought visiting the most famous hotel in California? If not, then you can plan in the upcoming merry Christmas 2018. This is one of the most astonishing places in the US that you will love to be there.

The Mission inn is not only a great Christmas destination to spend your holidays but also one of the famous hotels in the Southern part of California. 

Christmas vacations in California

Those who reside near this place already know how beautiful it looks at the time of Christmas and a plethora of tourists actually visit this place to have all the fun during their holidays.

During Christmas times, this hotel offer a yearly holiday treats to all of their guests which is also termed as the festival of lights. In fact, you can see their most discussed outdoor lighted Christmas decorations that look awesome.

In fact, you can convey your merry Christmas greetings while enjoying fun at this hotel. At the same time, you can also enjoy the most lucrative Christmas party organizing in the hotel.

Once you join there, you can always share some astonishing merry Christmas images to all your guests and can take part in so many merry Christmas party games that they organize. 

One of the biggest attractions is that you can enjoy your parties along with a variety of Christmas cakes among other mouth watering dishes.

Queen Mary

Well, this is again one of the most sought destinations to celebrate your holidays with an ease. You will find the place next to Queen Mary. Soon, you will find a place titled winter wonderland which is often called Chill.

The best thing about this place is that you will always discover something new every time you visit this place. 

Christmas vacations in California

Also, this is a great place to share all the love and emotions to your loved ones by sending them a number of lucrative ChristmasWallpaper, merry Christmas GIF, and Christmas pictures.

You can also share a number of Christmas background images to your near and dear ones that looks great as well. Along with that, you can also enjoy some of the most fabulous merryChristmas songs as well. 

If you explore more, you will also find beautiful Christmas crafts for kids and can learn a lot from such innovative ideas.

In spite of all this, they still have a lot for you like a giant horse, ice skating, ice tubing, etc that are enough to attract a wide range of tourists. In fact, people from all walks of life come and take part in the merry Christmas decorations.

The place looks beautiful in the presence of Christmas lights, decorated with attractive and pleasant Christmas tree images.


Well, this is again a nice place to spend your most sought Christmas holidays. As you know, Disneyland's Christmas party parade always looks nice and astonishing. 

In fact, you can find the parade attractive even if it is not starting. The place always looks in the festive mood.

Christmas vacations in California

In fact, you can witness some amazing Christmas decorations in the entire place that looks nice and elegant. 

As you can see, Disneyland’s beauty is something that attracts everyone. It's a privilege for anyone who visits there. And that too during your Christmas holidays. No doubt, once you are here, you will feel like accomplishing your childhood dreams.

Merry Christmas 2018!

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