Top Funny Christmas Wishes, Messages and Quotes 2018

Funny Christmas Wishes- Christmas is hardly a few months away and you might be planning to celebrate the holy festival with full anticipation. 

funny christmas wishes

You might have been a part of some great Christmas celebrations that take place on a large scale. Everything looks mind blowing! A few places that are famous to organize such a grand Christmas celebration include New York, Miami, Ontario, etc.

Well, if we talk about your own plans to welcome holidays, you probably want to take some more time to plan. As you know, there are hundreds of ways to celebrate the most awaited festival like sending funny Christmas wishes to your loved ones, sending adorable Christmas gifts, merry Christmas images, merry Christmas GIF, etc.

In this post, we will not only present you with some high quality funny Christmas wishes but also classic Christmas wishes, sentimental Christmas wishes, religious Christmas wishes, inspirational Christmas wishes and joyful Christmas wishes.

funny christmas wishes

In the age of technology, we constantly strive hard to find new and refreshing merry Christmas quotes, messages and other short messages to send them across to those whom we miss in our lives.

Ladies and children in the family purchase new and trendy costumes to look more elegant than ever. They go to different Christmas parties even before the start of the festival and so on.

Today, with the use of technology and the availability of the Internet, you are able to celebrate Xmas and to make your friends and family members chuckle.


About Christmas, many things hold true that make it compulsory, just like a thunderstorm that we have to all go it together.
Out of so many nice things about Christmas, one best thing is that you can help make people forget their past with a present. 
Christmas is summarized by counting as many as three phases that include Goodwill to Men, Peace on the planet Earth, and all time enjoyment. 
Nothing looks like fun filled holidays like cheese log. 
A man has to through 3 stages of life- he believes in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus.
In our lives, we come across another great holiday season that each one of us observes with much pride and expects by going to the mall of his choice.
I wish you hit the jackpot for all the happiness, wealth and health this Christmas and throughout the New Year 2019!
We wish you a train load of merry Christmas!
I wish you hit the jackpot for all the happiness, wealth and health this Christmas and throughout the New Year 2019! 
We wish you a train load of merry Christmas! 

It’s Best to Plan Your Christmas Celebrations 2-3 Months Ahead

As you know, everyone has to fulfill his/her daily life commitments and so, it is not possible to be present physically all the time to convey your warm merry Christmas wishes to your near and dear ones.

However, you can still convey your feelings by sending some highly crispy and meaningful funny Christmas wishes. They are just not the Xmas wishes but are in the form of great ideas to strengthen your relationships.

These funny Christmas greetings help you keep your strong bonding with your loved ones. They are not only responsible to enlighten your mood but also help a great deal forward to build stronger relationships.

Most funny merry Christmas wishes are light hearten and fun filled. As soon as you read them, your overall mood changes instantly. They are far more effective as compared to the normal Christmas quotes or merry Christmas messages, or by sending merry Christmas images.

Funny Christmas wishes eventually resolve a lot many purposes at the same time. The best thing about them is that you can send them to anyone including your boyfriend and girlfriend to enlighten his/her mood respectively.

More than that, they are better than simply sending your wishes. At the same time, they are also effective and help to make a mark in the minds of those to whom you wish to send across.

These days, funny Christmas wishes have become a part of the new generation where people are more comfortable sending funny merry Christmas wishes instead of anything else.

For example, if you give them choice, they would feel nice to wish their loved ones with a bundle of nice and elegant funny Christmas wishes as compared to the general Xmas quotes.

Those who take time to settle down their mood swings prefer sending funny merry Christmas wishes as compared to expressing their Xmas wishes in any other way.

At the same time, some of us like to send merry Christmas quotes written on their gifts. They also make use of funny Christmas wishes on their gifts. Well, it is also one of the unique ways to convey your Xmas greetings to those whom you admire in your lives.

Best Funny Christmas Wishes Ideas for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

We constantly try to discover a plethora of innovative ideas to use funny Christmas wishes; especially in building a great rapport with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

In fact, you always require funny merry Christmas wishes to settle down any sort of conflicts (if any) between you and your boyfriend/girlfriends.

Apart from a way of conveying your greetings, they occasionally become a way to settle down any sort of aggression which is harmful in any relationship. In such cases, you better try to calm down the level of the ignition within the minds of your loved ones.

On the occasion of Christmas, sending these funny Christmas messages can prove wonders for you. Last year too (in 2017), hundreds of people preferred sending funny merry Christmas wishes in place of any other way to celebrate their most awaiting festival.

You might be wondering how to collect some unique and crispy Christmas messages and witty Christmas quotes that are meaningful and worth sending. In general, you can find a lot of them on the Internet. 

But, it is going to be time consuming process to check every message and download.

funny christmas wishes

Here, we bring you a plethora of unique quotes and ideas to convey your greetings to your loved ones. This way, you are not only able to send beautiful merry Christmas quotes and messages but can also make the festival look more elegant by inventing far more lucrative ways to celebrate the festival with ease.

Funny Christmas Wish List and Quotes

Well, this is another way to express your feelings to your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas. This is what most people like to prefer as well. They simply try sending a plenty of crispy and nice looking funny merry Christmas wishes quotes across their loved ones. 

The quotes can be of different types that help you to convey your feelings to your loved ones. The most common types include Christmas blessing quotes that most people wish to send across. They often use Christmas card images as a means to wish their near and dear ones.

Funny Christmas wish list and quotes solve dual purpose, especially at the time of celebrating the holy festival with passion. It's also one of the other ways to be different this Xmas.

Now, if you are currently searching for some all time best funny merry Christmas quotes, you can freely find them scattered all over the Internet.

Also, there is no guarantee that they will satisfy your needs. By looking at the entire situation, we have created some new and refreshing merry Christmas funny wishes for you that look way more appealing than any other quotes and messages.

Funny Christmas Wishes for Friends

If you need to wish your friends and colleagues on the occasion of Christmas, you can preferably do so with the help of a plenty of nice looking and elegant funny merry Christmas wishes forfriends.

funny christmas wishes

Doing this will not only help you maintain great relation with your friends but also resolve the hurdles of conveying your best wishes in a different and unique style.
Enjoy all the fun this Christmas with each cookie give you enough triumph in your lives, along with each moment you spend with your entire family and friends.
It’s easy to convey your merry Christmas wishes and for each passing moment, I hope your heart can shine on the occasion of Christmas. 
On the occasion of holy Christmas, may you bless with utmost fun and enjoyment around the Christmas tree, in the presence of singing carols with your friends. 
Take a pledge this Christmas to live harmoniously with all nice emotions coming your way. 
This Christmas start loving your friends just like your family members!Merry Christmas. 
May all your friends be filled with over joy and tidings this Christmas! May each phone call brings you the feeling of hope and cherish. 

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Short Funny Christmas Wishes

Short funny Christmas wishes are one of the best ways to extend warm Christmas greetings to your well wishers, family members and colleagues.
If you are looking forward for some meaningful funny Christmas wishes, then you have landed to the right place.

They are in the form of short text messages that you can very well send across to anyone. 

All you need to do is to download as many messages as you want and send them across. They are full of humor and lighten the mood of your loved ones instantly.

Classic Funny Christmas Wishes

Classic Christmas wishes are just like funny Christmas wishes that have the power to capture the essence of coming holidays.

They are short and crisp and are able to make great merry Christmas wishes for your loved ones.

Holidays happen to be the most blissful time of the year. All the sentiments of your near and dear ones glow with triumph and laughter in the presence of your near and dear ones.
The holy festival of Christmas is neither a season nor a time. It's just a state of mind. In order to cherish all the goodwill and peace, you need to have the real and special spirit of Christmas. 
The holy festival Christmas will remain alive as long as we stand along hand in hand and heart to heart. 
We all like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We want to bring you all good things in your lives and your kin. We again want to greet you by saying merry Christmas and a happy new year. 
Wish you a merry Christmas that can bring all the delusions of our earlier childhood days that can very well be able to recall the one who has grown older about his youthful days. At the same time, it can transport both the traveler and the sailor. 
Look at the colorful Christmas lights that look quite magnificent by twinkling in red, gold and green colors. It better reminds that most people become generous, kind hearten and friendly with much expected feeling of ecstasy. Christmas is the perfect time to reveal all such feelings. 
Christmas brings you a blissful moment of the year, and a season to cherish your dreams and living your life with hospitality, along with the genial flame of the feeling of charity in your hearts.
As long as we live Christmas each and every day, it will bring peace on earth. 
A blessed gift in the presence of calm night with a handful of stars above, a happy and blessed Christmas to all of you! 
Christmas is the mark of our traditions and a special day spent in the presence of warm and blissful blessings of your friends and family. 
Say merry Christmas to all with your soft voice and you will feel the presence of great soul inside you. You will find all your troubles are gone! 
Those who are unable to find Christmas in their hearts will never be able to find it under any tree. 
It's more important the way you celebrate the holy Christmas instead of counting your expenses. 
The holy festival of Christmas is lovable to all which is strongly built upon an intentional and magnificent paradox and marks the saying that the birth of all homeless needs to be celebrated in each home. 
Christmas happens to be more like a stocking that is stuffed with somewhat sugary goodness all along. 
The spirit of the holy Christmas embarks the beginning of greatest hunger of mankind. 
There is no point looking out for the value of a Christmas gift as its true value lies in its appropriateness. 
As Christmas arrives, play hard and make good cheer, the holy festival comes once a year. 


After presenting you with funny Christmas wishes, let's take a look at something special that is none other than a few sentimental Christmas wishes to fill your heart with best memories of your lifetime.

I hope your heart fills with all the gladness and the true spirit of Christmas!
Let your spirit be immersed with the feeling of love and prosperity this Christmas and you find a plethora of reasons to live happy. 
The idea of Christmas is quite unique which is to love others in a great spirit 
Feel Christmas in your hearts to put the Christmas in the air. 
The beautiful messages on Christmas- We’re never too far and can't be all alone. 
Christmas happens to be the courage of the present and the tenderness of the past. The holy festival is a hope for the future. 
Let your memories gather and dance just like snowflakes, this Christmas! 
On Christmas Eve, there can't be any strangers on the planet. 
May you get a bundle of gifts along with blessings of God in the occasion of Christmas! 
Magic and memories are all about Christmas. 
Christmas is just like anticipation for kids and a memory for adults.
This Christmas, think about others who are all alone and no one to comfort them. 
Coming holidays, the scents of Christmas happens to be the joy of lightening other's lives, easing the loads from the minds of people and distributing gifts to them. 
Christmas is all about opening your hearts and not just about the opening of your gifts. 
The season of Christmas makes people engaged in the conspiracy of love and delight. 
The festival of Christmas waves a magic wand to make your life experiences softer and beautiful. 
Christmas is just like a candy that slowly and steadily melts in the mouth and sweetens each and every taste bud and makes you wish to last forever. 
Christmas is more like a bridge that plays the role of creating the bridges of happiness all around. 
The warmth and freshness of Christmas is such that it brings two hearts closer. 
I wish my dear one all the happiness and warmth of their lives along with gift of friendship and the feeling of love. 
The month of December looks extremely magical as it sparkles and changes people's minds and souls. 

Funny Christmas Greetings and Funny Christmas Messages

After presenting you with a plethora of funny Christmas wishes in different ways and styles, it's time to have a look at funny Christmas greetings. 

Please note that you can very well express your feelings by sending funny Christmas greetings or funny Christmas wishes to your dear ones. They are just like funny Christmas messages that you can deliver at any point of time.

During holiday season, everyone wants to be with their family and want to spread happiness all around. And with the help of funny Christmas greetings, your task becomes quite easier. 

You do not need to be present physically everywhere with your Christmas gifts and deliver them individual with your Christmas greetings.

By sending funny Christmas greetings in the form of funny Christmas messages, you can easily reach out to all your near and dear ones whom you want to convey your greetings. And this happens to be far easier as compared to any other way.

On the occasion of Christmas you obviously want to have a great relation with everyone. There are times when you go through a bad phase with someone whom you wish to have a better relationship.

Christmas is the best time to forget all kinds of bitterness in relations and also to overcome any kind of hurdles of lives, especially due to strangled relations or due to any sort of misconceptions. 

By sending funny Christmas greetings to your loved ones, you can better create an overwhelming bond with your family members, colleagues and other well wishers.

In short, funny Christmas greetings or funny Christmas messages happen to be a part of funny Christmas wishes that can not only become a great way to extend your merry Christmas wishes, but can also be used to level the differences in your relations (if any).

Now, please have a look at some of them for your kind attention:

Merry Christmas to priest as he wants to rejoice. He wishes to live again with these magical words. And to the helpless Church crowd. Forgive all of them and celebrate Christmas with ease. Merry Christmas to all of you!
It's a wonderful day of Christmas. That takes away all my savings at once. And that's the magic of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all! 
Why people say Christmas is around the corner. When the entire world is round? 
Anybody know where can I buy love? They told me that it is the best thing to give this Christmas. 
Can somebody tell me from where to purchase love? Then I got the answer. That you can readily give to this Christmas 
Anyone knows what's Santa's wish this Christmas?I guess, it's none other than to lose some weight! 
Rudolph has a red nose because he is drunk.I think Santa should hire giants instead of elves so that he can have a faster production of gifts. 
Rudolph looks funny with a red nose. May be he's drunk. Santa needs to hire giants in place of elves. To produce gifts right away. 
Why mother favors giving carolers to children
And bills to adults?
Is it because of Christmas has come for them?

Humorous Funny Christmas Wishes Greetings Collection

Like other categories, people also like humorous funny Christmas wishes as well. They are also here to bring cheers and laughter in your lives, especially when you send them across during Christmas time. 

Please take a look at some of them below:

This Christmas, I wish to see as many as 3 kings
This is to kiss with whom I want to convey my Christmas greeting. Without getting a tight slap on my face
All I want this Christmas is no one else than 'You'At the same time, I would also prefer to get your cash, cars, house and diamonds 
I would appreciate if someone can tell me how old Santa Claus is by now. 
This Christmas, I would again feel nervous. As I will get a chance to see my godchildren 
People say that Christmas is the moment to cherish. How to be happy without my wallet that ran out of cash? 
I don’t know, how many turkeys are going to lose their lives during this Christmas season, but I am so sure, one of them will die for you. I hope that makes you feel even more loved this Christmas. 
No one knows how many turkeys will be losing their lives on the occasion of Christmas. But it looks like at least one is waiting to die just for you saying this, I feel like you precisely love it more this Christmas 
As per the saying, God punishes those who is corrupt and indulges in false acts. But everyone enjoys on Christmas
But then why does Santa offer presents to everyone out there

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